Enabling Virtual Access to Latin-America Southern Observatories

FP7 Capabilities

SA1: Link Upgrade

The SA1 Link Upgrade started in Sep2008 from the preparatory work on NA2 and covers the:

  • Tender
  • Installation
  • Link Operation.


Setting up the connections of the Observatories to the Global Advanced Network Community as well as Internet through a high capacity link involving in Chile three well defined path; Paranal to Antofagasta, Antofagasta to Santiago and Santiago to RedCLARA.


  • SA1-1 “Tender Launch“, 2009/Q1
  • SA1-2 “Tender Result“, 2010/Q2
  • SA1-3 ”Link delivery report“, 2010/Q3
  • SA1-4“Link performance report”, 2010/Q4
  • SA1-5 “Link service report”, 2011/Q2


 - Construction and installation tasks:

  • construction of a fiber cable from the ESO Paranal Observatory to the Ruta5 crossroad named La Varilla (approx 80km of 12core cable) – COMPLETED 2010/Aug
  • construction of a fiber cable from the ARUB Cerro Armazones Observatory (OCA) to the main cable  (approx 20km of 12core cable) – COMPLETED 2010/Oct
  • connection to commercial network for the connectivity of Antofagasta (REUNA), Santiago (ESO/Vitacura and REUNA) – COMPLETED 2010/Sep
  • installation and configuration of DWDM equipment in all nodes – COMPLETED 2010/Oct

 - Start of operational use for JRAx activity: 2010/11/01 (Launching Event: 2010/11/04)

 - Operation and monitoring: During the first operational period, namely from December 2010 to May 2011:

  • The overall EVALSO communication infrastructure performed according to specification in a robust and stable manner.
  • All SLA defined for the subsystems have been met by the providers.
  • The project put in place, tested and refined the maintenance procedures and the monitoring tools that will be later used by the normal operations after project end.