Enabling Virtual Access to Latin-America Southern Observatories

FP7 Capabilities

NA2: Preparatory Study

Unfortunately, there is no available infrastructure in the neighbourhood of the Observatories of interest to this project. On the other side the creation of a communication infrastructure about 100km in size would make possible to connect with the main Chilean fiber highway linking Antofagasta to Santiago. The existence in Santiago of Points of Presence of both REUNA and RedCLARA makes possible to inject the data generated at the Observatories into the main stream connecting Latin America to Europe.

In this preparatory phase, the initial market survey carried out during the proposal preparation to verify the feasibility of such a link is extended and completed and the different technical solutions are identified and evaluated, the budget finalized, and possible partnerships further investigated.


Investigate the optimal way to implement the upgrade of the network infrastructure in Chile and the form of procurement best suited to obtain the most effective result with the budgeted resources.

Determine if external Institutions could enter into mutually advantageous partnership arrangement
with the project consortium.


NA2-1 “Market Survey”: Reports on technical and economical potential solutions available on the Chilean TELCO market. It is the base for refining the proposed solution to connect the Observatories in Chile. The documents also report on possible partnerships with other Institutions.

NA2-2 “Proposed Network Solution”: Describes in details the Technical Solutions chosen, and fixes the budget limits for the next steps (SA1). It also suggests the co-funding scheme to cover the costs.

Na2-3 “(Draft) Tender Document”: Draft version of tender Documentation to be used to procure the physical infrastructure.

The NA2 reports are the input for the SA1 link upgrade procurement.

These documents are not publicly available (PP dissemination level).

This activity was formally completed in August2008.