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2010 Nov 04, Launching Event

On November the 4th, 2010 in Santiago de Chile, at the ESO Campus (Vitacura)  took place the the Launching event of the EVALSO Communication Infrastructure

(Picture courtesy of ESO)

In the words of the EVALSO Project Coordinator, Fernando Liello:

“The event was attended by a number of ambassadors and diplomatic from  the EU, a very large delegation from the EC, very high level officials  from ESO, ALMA and a number of other organisations.

The event was opened by a short speech of the ESO Director General, Tim de Zeeuw,  and there were speeches from Josè Palacios (REUNA president), Rolf  Chini, Massimo Tarenghi (ESO representative in Chile), Mario  Campolargo (EC) and  Ambassador Fernando Schmidt Ariztía (sub-secretary of Foreign Affairs of Chile).

The relevance that has been given to the EVALSO first achievement was  really very impressive.

The technical aspects of the EVALSO infrastructure have been very well  illustrated by Giorgio Filippi (for the physical infrastructure) and  Sandra Jaque (for the technological aspects). The illustration of the possible science implications, made by Rolf  Chini was very well appreciated and understood by non-technical  people, who have shown in off-line discussion the they have really got  the point and appreciated the EVALSO objective.

I have felt proud of introducing the EVALSO framework, and I believe  this was a very successful event, especially for the hard work of the  people in ESO and REUNA that have organised everything with great care.” 

F.Liello, Santiago 2010/11/04

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