Enabling Virtual Access to Latin-America Southern Observatories

FP7 Capabilities

NA3: Dissemination

Communication between the participants and the external community, both scientific and of general interest is paramount and therefore the project plans outreach actions towards:

  • Astronomer’s community (builders, operators, users)
  • e-Infrastructure specialists
  • General audience

A special attention is given to reach the Chilean community to foster the support and the relationship towards Europe scientific and cultural environment.


Provide adequate project’s publicity and dissemination.


A comprehensive report on all Dissemination activity is available here.

Informative WEB site, in English, for the benefit of all scientific and general public. The site links to and be linked by the sites of the participant entities. As soon as the new communication link is available, live images from the sites in high quality can be made accessible. It is planned to have also a Spanish section targeted at the Chilean and, more in general, Latin American public with the aim to make the project effort more visible to the non-European involved community and to connect it to other initiatives improving and extending the relationship among the two areas.

Please look at the Dissemination Events for an up-to-date information on EVALSO related events and media reports.