Enabling Virtual Access to Latin-America Southern Observatories

FP7 Capabilities

2011/06/20-21 4.DFN-Forum, Bonn (D)

As part of the  4. DFN-Forum: Kommunikationstechnologien a poster titled ”EVALSO, an enabling communication infrastructure for Astronomy” was presented.


R.Lemke (ASTRO-RUB), G.Filippi (ESO)


EVALSO (Enabling Virtual Access to Latin-American Southern Observatories) is an international consortium of nine astronomical organisations, and research network operators, part-funded under the European Commission FP7, to create and exploit high-speed bandwidth connections to South American observatories. The paper, after describing the genesis of the project and the selection and construction of the communication infrastructure, analyses the application aspects and the possibilities that the new infrastructure can open within the astronomical and education community, with special attention to German reality where two of the project members, RUB and ESO, are located.